ATA Renewables Methodology for Estimating Albedo Over a Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) From Short-Term On-Site Measurement Campaigns

ATA Renewables has developed a methodology to calculate the monthly albedo TMY of any site by extrapolating the values obtained from a Short-Term on-site albedo measurement campaign.

To validate the accuracy of this methodology, extrapolated values were compared with those observed during a 1-year on-site measurement campaign carried out in Seville, Spain. The methodology is designed to retain this level of accuracy regardless of when on-site measurements are carried out.

Download the whitepaper to get:

  • A clear step-by-step methodology for measuring albedo fast and accurately on any site
  • Understand the factors that cause albedo to change constantly and how to account for them
  • Find out about the pros and cons of terrestrial and satellite database values, and why it isn’t a good idea to rely on them alone
  • Learn how to minimize the margin of error when estimating albedo values over a typical meteorological year (TMY)

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