ATA Insights is an independent strategic communications firm committed to connecting renewable energy companies with growth opportunities.

With 10+ years of accumulated renewable energy markets and technology knowledge, ATA Insights’ main aim is to help companies communicate the value of renewable energy to end users and through the whole supply chain.  

We run the RE.Learn Program, a free-to-attend online course for renewable energy professionals covering technology, innovation, trends and markets among other topics; with the aim to increase information in the industry and speed up growth.

We also offer independent consultancy services in market research, events, marketing and communications for Latin America, Middle East, South Africa and Europe.

• Markets Intelligence: get the independent information and analysis you need to succeed in your renewable energy ventures

• Strategic Communications and Marketing: get buy-in from your target audience by reaching them with messages that truly resonate

• Events and Webinars: connect with decision makers to kickstart your renewable energy projects

Our services

Aside from the RE.Learn Program which offers renewable energy professional cutting-edge information on technology, trends, and markets; we are independent strategic markets and communications advisory company. We can offer you an independent point of view,  helping you hit your objectives, as an extension of your team, guardians of your best interests. Here are some of the tailored services we offer

Market Intelligence

Bespoke market intelligence studies to support market entry, product development and other business critical decisions.


Allowing you to connect with decision makers and investors

Strategic Marketing

From design to implementation, to help you raise awareness of your products and generate new leads