Webinar: Agrovoltaics: How to integrate solar energy production with agricultural activities

September 7th at 17:00 CEST (Check your local time)

 ATA Insights knowledge partner: 


Agrovoltaics, also known as agro-photovoltaics, consists of using the same area of land for both solar energy and agricultural products. Solar panels coexist with crops in the same land.

Designing agrovoltaics projects is a balancing act to optimize energy generation with crop yields, however it can save water and even augment crop production in very hot climates. However, as NIMBYism grows against large-scale PV solar projects, agrovoltaics may prove to be the key to alleviate local opposition to development of projects.

In this webinar we will analyse the design, construction, operation and maintenance of agrovoltaics projects and the most efficient business model combining solar PV generation systems with the development of agricultural activities:

  • Learn to design, build operate and maintain agrovoltaics plants hitting the optimal balance between generation of electricity and of crops
  • Understand how to define an optimal integrated management model for the O&M activities of the photovoltaic power plant and agricultural enterprises
  • Explore efficiency maximizing business models which favor different aspects of the project depending on location and requirement
  • Analyze real experimental agrovoltaics projects under planning and development

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