Recording and presentations: CSP from dusk till dawn: Blueprint for 200 MW tower plant fills the PV gap

28 October 2020

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1 Is there an indicator to evaluate the ground usage against other solar technology? Parabolic trough, even PV or concentrated FV? As the Reference plant technology  is already selected, no parameters were used for land usage. Common known parameters can be applied for evaluation. The ground usage can be higher in PV systems, but they can even be placed in between the heliostats.
2 Could CPC (compound parabolic concentrators) improve the aiming problems, tower height-area usage (downsizing) and thermal losses? A CPC may reduce some intercept loss, but the control of the actual flux distribution on the receiver is more difficult.
3 As the receiver is used up to the flux limit live answered
4 Can we have informations for tender with CSP with both Parabolic trough and Tower for 13 hours storage and PV .could you send me also the register of this session” live answered
5 CSP should represent  60% for parablolic trought and 20% tower PV 20% r This is a proposed share of different solar technologies. About the individual shares an investigation needs to decide case by case, but this is not the topic of our project.
6 Is there some sort of Forecast System (weather predicition) to plan the operating strategy of the Solar Tower Plant? Yes, there is a nowcasting system. For example the system from CSP Services “Q4cast” can be utilized:
7 What will be CSP’s role in the overall power system, compared to other technologies? CSP’s role is the electricity at night. Possibly extended by the operation as a thermal battery if there is an oversupply of renewable electricity. As it is with a steam turbine, it also can offer services for grid stability and backup from renewable energy source.
8 To Christian, Could you give us the stimation of the LCOH at the receiver outlet?” live answered. Dear Luis, are these number, which Alex shows are answering your question?
9 Does SBP with MAN provide full turn key EPC service for CSP & CSP-PV hybrid projects to project developers? or do you provide your sub-systems for EPC contractors like Abengoa/SENER/Cobra,..etc? We are providing our subsystems for EPCs
10 To Alexander, Could we expect ENGIE as developer of a CSP plant in the coming CSP auctions in Spain?” Tractebel Engineering is offering consulting services to all parties developing and realising CSP, please contact us. If Engie is developing in Spain you need to ask the business development team at Engie in Paris.
11 For ideal conditons, could you indicate the ramp up time of the steam turbine to achieve a full load scenario in the morning after sunrise? Schuhbauer: Diese Frage habe ich per Email bereits beantwortet
12 what is the optimum solar multiple for the proposed200 MW  plant? The receiver has a nominal net power into salt of 700 MW_th. The steam generator takes 490 MW_th. Are these the numers you need?
13 No. Quiero el LCOH a la salida del recpetor  
14 Excusme, naow in English. I am interested by the LCOH at this time to reucec th cost Based on a rough estimate: ca. 1.3 cent/kWh We calculated non optimised LCOH values in the area of  2.1 €cent/kWh.
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