Webinar: Next-Gen Modular Tech Renews the Promise of CSP

October 13 at 17:00 CEST/ 11 am New York  (Check your local time)

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CSP has long offered unique benefits to the renewable energy market, providing fully dispatchable renewable energy, which PV or Wind by themselves can’t provide. However, the technology has always been limited to large-scale applications which require complex engineering and construction. Emerging countries are seeking 24/7 baseload renewable power that can allow them to electrify remote communities and provide reliable dispatchability to their grids. Now, new modular CSP technologies offer scaled down solutions that make the benefits of CSP widely available while achieving competitive LCOE around the clock.

Join this webinar to learn about 247Solar’s standardized, modular CSP solution that’s ready today for applications from 400kW to utility scale:

• Discover new innovations in scalable, factory-produced CSP that bring the unique benefits of CSP to a wide range of grid-connected and off-grid applications.
• Learn how multiple modules ensure continuous delivery when one or more are offline, providing added flexibility, reliability, and resilience
• Explore how modularity, simple design and standardized, factory-built components lead to short project cycles, low O&M, and allow projects to start small and expand as communities’ needs grow.


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