Webinar: Accelerating the penetration of solar PV in desert locations with lessons learnt in Saudi Arabia

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Developing and operating solar plants in region with extreme weather can be challenging. The projects in Saudi Arabia have been demonstrating the resilience of equipment such as trackers in contests of high temperatures and extreme winds. 

 This webinar will analyze the technical parameters that PV projects need to be able to withstand in environmental conditions at desert locations to achieve long-term system reliability:  

  • Understand the impact of high winds and atmospheric corrosion on your PV tracker and learn about the latest tracker innovations that are helping to improve the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the plant with lessons learnt in Saudi Arabia 
  • Discover how new innovations such as 3D-backtracking algorithms can prevent shade-induced generation losses in uneven terrain to maximize your power plant generation
  • Hear about the impact of new module dimensions, as well as the weight, when selecting components for your PV plant that can withstand high winds and extreme temperatures 
  • Component warranties for high temperatures and high winds


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