Webinar: Flexible and reliable energy systems to support decarbonization: Case Texas

November 10th at 11 EST / 17:00 CET (Check your local time)

 ATA Insights knowledge partner: 


The energy landscape is transitioning towards more flexible and sustainable energy systems. Extreme weather events are not only shining an urgent light on climate change and the need to accelerate the decarbonization journey, but also revealing the critical need for flexibility, resilience and reliability. One of the primary challenges of the decarbonization journey is balancing power as intermittent renewables are increasingly integrated onto grids.

Our future energy systems will require flexibility in all its forms, including advanced energy storage and generation, powered by hydrogen or synthetic fuels, and supported by digital optimization. The challenges are for policy makers, regulators and industry to have honest discussions, ask the right questions, and think strategically to ensure the correct policy and regulatory frameworks are put in place.

There is a unique opportunity today to use the insights gained during the global crisis to accelerate the long-term shift to cost-optimal, resilient and flexible 100% renewable energy systems.

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