Webinar: ‘The next billion’ renewable energy user opportunity

Thursday,  November 29th at 15:00 CET  (Check your local time)

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Without a doubt, catering to more than a billion people that currently have no access to electricity is the largest opportunity for the renewable energy industry. As there is no existing infrastructure, high-tech renewable + storage, off-grid systems can be designed from scratch to optimize both efficiency and cost. However, challenges remain. In this webinar we look into energy market access for the next billion customers.

  • Explore the opportunity:  market number and statistics. Where are the next billion users and how can their needs be met? What policy, financial and development support is available today for companies looking at this market?
  • Create a commercially micro-utility business: with no legacy infrastructure, distributed generation, mini and micro grids make good business sense today in the right locations
  • Understand how to overcome the main technical, legal, security and financial challenges with economical, easy-to-operate, containerized package solutions that can be deployed and operated quickly and reliably
  • Learn how to de-risking the micro-utilities opportunity  so you can start working in this market right now

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