SHOWCASE Deepbloo: Energy Tenders Simplified

21 November 2019

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Good morning everyone. Just a little note, we want to start quite yet we’re waiting a couple of minutes more. So allow the audience to get in. You know, we have to download the small software and we’ll start promptly.

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Okay, it’s time to start with Morning everyone or good afternoon depending on where you’re joining us from. So please send a message a message through the chat box saying where you’re going to come from and you’re in Madrid, from Ata Insights. And Alexandra, are you in Paris, right?

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Yes, I know. I am in Montague in South of France.

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Okay, so please let us know where you’re connecting from in the chat box. And you’ll see a different box in the toolbar below the screen, the q&a box that’s for the questions. Remember, you can send your questions for Alexandra during the session through the q&a box and after the session as well. You can write us a message and email and we’ll put you in touch am today we have the presentation of the blue energy tender simplified, it’s a platform to make it easier for everyone to find the right tender for you and also to find partners, the right partners for you for those tenders and explain how it works. We have today Alexander the CEO All from the blue. Alexander, would you like to say, you know, introduce a little bit of yourself and also to start your presentation about platform please?

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Yes. Hello everybody. So my name is Alex ND mo. So I am the CEO of deep blue. So first thanks to Ata Insights for giving me for giving me the possibility to present today as a platform the blue. So myself, I’ve been working 14 years in the energy sector, working in company like Alstom OT. And so I am just wants to go on. Okay, you go and working. And I’ve been setting up the blue for one year and a half so, so that’s one year and a half, we have developed a full business solution of the blue and we are creating the created the very first community of energy professionals. So I’m going to start the presentation To show you how it works exactly, trying to be

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very specific.

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So So what is the blue so the blue is today a platform, which has more than 2500 professionals in the energy sector, coming from values, type of companies like a PC manufacturer, consulting company that we’ve got as well business associations. So we feature on the platform business opportunity related to the energy sector, with more than 50,000 live opportunities currently at any time on the platform that we collect from more than 40,000 forces is the objective of the blue is three main objectives. The very first one is the very first one is how to enable our organisation and users to capture business. So it means that we give access to the interface of tenders request for condition and business or property directly on the deploy platform. And we aim we enable people to bring their own pipeline of opportunities. The second key objective is to enable the company to find partners. So it means that an ancient anytime there’s that we’re going to display we’re going to propose the mapping player to understand the environment and who could be the potential partner to be the wizard, or to use a subcontractor or consensual partner or it could be direct channel. And the third main objective is to enable the user on the blue and the organisation to be visible. That means that to repeat themselves as a potential player on any tender which is relevant to them, but as well to be able to create events, like promotion of the product of the brand, and Object company. So that’s basically the key objective. know if I go into the details, that the presentation is made with a lot of screenshots of the platform to make it easier to understand. So, when you go into business solution, you have a an interface very easy with business opportunities and tenders that we capture, we have captured more than 200,000 business opportunities related to energy in the last nine months. You just, you just have to type on the search bar and you will find you will you will find all the vendors corresponding to your criteria, you can use extensive filters. Like if you want to avoid certain distribution during the day or from a specific customer, you would be able to find them. And we do manage pseudonyms as well. If you’re a company for example, working in micro really you just have to type micro grid, but you refine as well. Relevant tender for nine agreed, but as well for meaning read for micro greed. When you have a relevant tender, you just click on the tender and you will find a lot of information the name of the tender the country the description of the tender, but as well as the deadline all the link to the tender information the tender documentation I was issued, but at least better and as well as a list of contract award for the same country in the same market segment. So, if there is an interesting tender for you, you will be able to see all the contract towards for exactly the same segment market and same country. What is interesting as well is what we do is we scan any tender and we identify what is written if I take an example if there is a tender for consulting in my category then let’s say solar PV and energy storage in remote areas. system will understand that we are talking about micro grid batteries access to energy and consulting. It means that is very important for what’s going to follow if you are interested by let’s say batteries and you want to create your pipeline of opportunities that means that any tender which will exist under in particular because it started as batteries will appear automatically on your pipeline of opportunities. Then on any tender there is a certain things that we do not only providing information uncertainty of itself, but we try to build

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a mapping of the players. So all the companies which are at least one market segment in common with the tender which is display will appear on the graph. The higher is a number of market segments in common with attend the highest gonna be ranked as a company Which is quite normal. And it company which has a local presence in the country of the tender will appear on the right of the graph, because we know how important is that to find a partner which has a local presence, whereas it under is located. So let’s get a deal highlighted on the right side of the graph. That means that you click on a tender, you have all the information on the tender you have the graph is also put the shell player just click on the bubble and you will find all the user who are working in this organisation. And in a simple click, you can contact them directly to try to see if you could partner with them as a direct channel subcontractor or consultant partner, whatever users the way you want to try to work with them. And the third feature and it’s an important feature is a possibility for you to build a pipeline of opportunity. How does that work when you create your profile any efficient, shall we say I’m interested by such segment more market segment and I am interested as well. In this area for example, if you are interested by batteries or transmission line for example, in southern Africa, you put that in your profile, when you log on the business plus interface, any tender which will be relevant for transmission line into South Africa will be automatically added to your to your pipeline of opportunities. And because we update our system every morning at six o’clock in the morning, so every morning when we scan the 40,000 sources we are there. So it means that anytime that that will correspond to transmission line opportunities, interest in Africa will be automatically added in your pipeline of opportunities. Once you have that you able to manage is that means that you are able to archive opportunities to delete opportunities to present in some categories to notify your colleagues to put some commands. So you can download the file and the Excel sheet makes your request. So you can really manage fully your pipeline based on your own criteria. You can choose among more than 450 segment market names. So you are the you choice. And again, because our algorithm is reading any tender, if there is a world like HV cable, or holder headlines headline, we will understand that it’s something which is relevant for transmission line and this one will be added as well to your pipeline of opportunities. In a nutshell, that’s a summary of what we do in terms of business intelligence. So it means that on on top of providing access to tender information, We do 444 main things, the very first things that we have already talked about that is to be able to give you the mapping of potential players on each tender. I think I’ve already explained that. The thing one thing which is important is if they are very specific keywords, which are relevant for your business, you can give it to us. We cannot add seminar algorithm and our algorithm will run every morning with a keyword that you are very much you have specified. So if there is you’re working in folk location, you’re working in our stage manager management, so very specific domain fields, give us your keywords, we will add them.

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That’s very powerful because it means that on very specific terminologies that you have chosen every morning will scan 40,000 forces, if only one single, as a senior as a key words you have given to us it will appear on your pipeline. The third thing we do is to be able to show you, which are the organisation which are winning, which are awarded with contract in the secretary for the same market segment. And the four things that we do because we have capture more than 200,000 business opportunities, we have a large set of data. And we’re able to do a lot of things with that. So we could perfectly tell you what are the top 10 customer for energy storage right now worldwide, we could tell you what are for example, the country and sister in is a country in Africa where there’s a more thorough project currently. So stats like that could be done for you on demand. Then the so we will we have said that access to business opportunities, understand your partners and be able to manage them Third thing was business intelligence and now it’s how you can be visible on the platform. So I think it’s a key feature. All what I’m presenting right now it’s free, so forth about to be visible. So, what is important for you is it as long as you register on the blue, if you tell when you register on the blue you tell me which market segment you’re interested in, for which geographical area in which organisation you work, as long as there will be attended matching your criteria your organisation will appear for everybody as a petition player, it will appear in red. So, because we have already customers, when they will check on it and they will, they will see your company as a potential player. The second thing is you have the possibility to create events. So events is a very large, meaning it could be product promotion, roadshow, technical days, whatever, so everybody will be able to see it. And then other ways to create your own group, a private group that you will get branded to your name When you can put your product catalogue, you’re priceless. And you can invite your partners to concert directly your groups. Aside from the business solution, there are millions of features. So you can manage your profile, you can have access of large network of professionals. There is a job path can manage your events. And you can for sure you are releasing a new product, a new feature, just put it on the live feed, everybody will see it. That’s for the way it works because I’m anticipating some question and that’s because I know that’s an important part but what we do is a is a large part of the platform is free. You want to access to the full network of company. We want to create events, you want to create duplication, promote your products, invite colleagues all these free after we have what we call a premium membership for everything which is access to the interface of tenders Pacific to CS attenders to notify your colleagues to seize your contract awards and so on. And after we’ve got a certain membership which is on a yearly basis only which is a business plus is everything what we’ve said before and on top of these, as well so possibility to create your own pipeline of opportunities. You can as well give us all the keywords that you would like us to add in your resume and in order to capture relevant tender on your pipeline. And we can give you as well ondemand full customised dashboard and statistics

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so that’s the three membership.

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So today’s just to give you a I’ve put this slide to show you on the left is is a customer some of customer we offer now on the blue to show you the value at of customers. So it goes from the very large corporation doing turnkey huge turnkey project like last And to grow or deny a trick to Business Association like aliens from electrification to pure manufacturer, like after ci to consulting companies, small companies for example, ice expertise and consulting friends. So, so everybody goes there for different so there are people who want to address directly project. So they want to see direct teasers, tenders, they won’t they will be there for but as well there are companies who will not be able to turn their directly, but they want to know who’s going to be there. And to do that as a goal and attenders is a season most users, so it’s a map of potential players. And on top of that, they are able to see who has been awarded. That’s a full architecture. I’m not going to spend time on that now. And I will switch directly to the for two or three minutes to the to the demo platform.

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I need to to stop sharing Africa, and I’m not home.

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In the meanwhile, please remember, you can send your questions about the platform or the blue in URL to Alexandra through the q&a box in the in the toolbar screen.

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Okay, um, it’s very, very quick to show you that that’s real, in fact. So the platform is like that shows you you’ve got a live feed with a professional, you’ve got the older network of professionals that you can sort out by industry by type of organisation market segment. So you’ve got a full description of the business solution to understand all the possibilities. And now I’m going to go on what is interest the most interesting is a is an interface of request for quotation. So it’s like that now we’ve got 216,200 teaches which have been captured. So I go there and for example I’m just to change a bit I say I’m interested by all the tender which are more than one week before expiring, so I have some time to answer to them for example in India in I’m just putting substation so again was a synonym you will understand that it’s the same that it’s the same as that switch yard is the same that a substation, it’s a centre tank substation, you will understand that. Then you click and you arrive on a tender year it will give you the deadline you will give us a link to the tender documentation. If I click on that it will download the document is here like that it will give you the full the full description of the tender like that. And if I click here, you will give you the option 41 contract which have been awarded in India with a segment market in substation that will give you the full information you should go down you will see the contact made of the end users far and a small map with a few players interesting for substation. That for the interface of the tender if you click on the business button, that’s gonna load an interface, which is like that. In my example, is I’m interested for of greed by crook reviewing LG micro do a breeder for some of the region and that builds a bike lane like that. So for example, now if I say, and that is a big hit every day, let’s make an example. What I’m interested in today is just the off grid. So in that case, you will select on DZ of greed and Then you go a bit to say, I’m not gonna pick up absolutely all the region of Africa, for example, I’m interested only in Africa since then it’s just an example. Okay. And then you will have and you can as well share by the deadline and so on. But if you click on that,

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you will again go to the tender.

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The last thing I’m going to present before questions is just to last tab, which is status dashboard, which was like that. So we really instant dashboard. You just have to tell us what you’re looking for in terms of geographical areas, in terms of segment market and we’re able to build for you tables, which are great insight, I guess, for your marketing and strategy. departments.

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I’m done with the presentation, I’m ready to answer sorts of questions.

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Okay, thank you so much Alexander. I’m really fascinated about the stats because that’s something I’m really into it the stats that the platform is creating is not only for the for the tenders, but it gives you insights. So I may have a look to to give some insights to our audience in the future about the markets that are growing in terms of tenders in solar mostly. So we have a couple of questions if you want to stop sharing the screen you know, so we can see you better Thank you. A, the first question is from our mouth he says, Hi, Alex hundred does this platform at a sec last organisation,

Unknown Speaker 22:44
service again, act as a

Unknown Speaker 22:46
as a cluster organisation, a Class

Unknown Speaker 22:50
A group of different organisations No,

Unknown Speaker 22:54
no, no, no, we are standalone company. So Deep Blue and we are we are office here in mumble you know, it’s not a cluster it’s a it’s a young and small company called the blue.

Unknown Speaker 23:10
Okay? And Jessica every buyer from IKEA, she says how do you deal with confidentiality issues since you shall contract awards etc.

Unknown Speaker 23:22
Okay for confidentiality so we are compliant with the GDPR general data protection regulation. So when you go on the platform, you have to concern to all the information you’re going to provide on the platform. What we publish is only information which has been provided directly by the user was put is that time itself and all the informations that such as contract towards because it was in the open the question our public, so it means that there is no disclosing of any confidential information we grab it because he was make public by the organisation we grew up it from

Unknown Speaker 23:58
the blue is making Need easier to find that information in the huge noise of the tenders and different publications? Exactly. Because we rather

Unknown Speaker 24:08
from 40,000 different sources. So for example, you want to know, transmission line project very specific, then we have helped a lot of people to capture this information.

Unknown Speaker 24:22
Okay, much clearer. And I have my own questions because something I really worry about when I’m go to a new platform or software is, is this a how it is? Or will this improve with with the years and years in how I need it? How I needed to be developing? I mean, is there are your clients giving you feedback about what they like and what they don’t like about the platform and how do you listen to them? Is it easy We implement what they are asking for.

Unknown Speaker 25:03
Yes. So we have a developer team in house. So we do the development by ourselves. So it’s not a contracted so we have the full control of these. So the first part of the question is we keep evolving every day. So last week, we developed a contract to what function and next week on the roadmap of evolution, we will be able to do the main notification each time there will be a set of corresponding to the criteria for user you will not receive an email is returned there is a tender because he will keep receiving mail all day long, but we’ll do a digest of that. next evolution will be to be able to present on dashboard and graph all the business relevant for him. So we keep making evolution. And we use our first customers to do that. In fact, because there is a keep telling us Alex I would like that I would like this and because we are very flexible because we are standalone organisation. Were able to Do exactly what people request. And the sad part is we keep it’s very easy to customise. Give us your keywords tell us which started dodgeball do you want? Choose Your Own market segment and you will have exactly what you want.

Unknown Speaker 26:15
Huh? Okay, thank you that that’s a good point about the small businesses that you can directly get in touch with a person who can fix your problems. Yes, they have face to face is much easier. And so we have a question from James RV from shell. He’s asking Who are your main competitors? I guess the main point of the question is not only who but what difference among the blue on those competitors? I can answer the one of the box because I already tried the platform. And I must say it’s pretty similar to what other platforms are offering. The stats are

Unknown Speaker 27:01
premium service, but it’s

Unknown Speaker 27:05
it’s more advantages the price of the blue compared to many of the platforms I’ve seen out there. I don’t know if you found the other differences.

Unknown Speaker 27:17
Yes, in fact, there are two type of key competitors, I would say. So platform which are providing access to tenders, purely access to tenders. So there are also opportunities but they are more expensive nominee because we have a very fair price on that. And we have a very large offer. And then you have a second type of, of competitors, which are business intelligence platform, like combat, for example, where you want to find information on companies. And we are very good at doing that because in fact, we captures information that provided by ZU cells themselves. So in fact, the blue is a mix Between business intelligence, and providing access to tennis, we are in it all in one platform is the same platform, you’ve got the two functions at a very competitive price.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
Okay. And you mentioned that there are different clients you already have it works both for associations and for big companies. But do you have like a target kind of company that could take more advantage of the platform? Or does it really works for everyone because of the personalization the tailor ization of this

Unknown Speaker 28:37
boxes, I would say the company would be most interested by that would be a small and mid sized companies. We doesn’t have a strong sales department. So we cannot be on the field in all countries, because it’s too expensive to do that. And was a very clear strategy to be to develop the business in countries that don’t know you You want to use the blue on your own market that you do perfectly? That’s not going to help you. I mean, if you are Nigerian company and you want to use the blue to see what’s going on Nigeria, I don’t believe is very good for you. So, if you do that is that a good sign? But if you are a Nigerian company offshore French company or an Indian company and you want to capture new business in eastern Africa, is that powerful because that will save you a lot of time you will see what does it tenders was a potential player with winning some contracts there. What are the stats of the of the market? So in in all in one platform, you will have all So to answer your question, midsize company for sales and marketing and strategy department we want to develop in markets that don’t really know.

Unknown Speaker 29:43
Okay, and one last question from Christophe sales manager energy transmission of energy festival in Belgium is he’s asking is there a functionality in the blue which provide me the tenders or for which my company Good be the preferable either for example, based on the data in the business profile references expertise, does the platform recommend you to join a specific be because your expertise is much further than for any other tender?

Unknown Speaker 30:18
No the Sikh what we do is we match where the cup of work comes attenders we analyse what there is in the scope of the work of the tender we analyse what is the business knowledge in the business interests of the user of any difference is in that example, and when there is a correlation, we match the two of them. And then after which we do is it is in the same region is there is a tender matching is like a segment and the user say I’m interested to do business in India or my region is Western Africa, even certain areas in Western Africa automatically will match this means that automatically added in its pipeline.

Unknown Speaker 31:01
Hmm, maybe as core and plan for the pipeline be good feed what Christopher is asking for?

Unknown Speaker 31:10
Yeah, that’s it’s a very, very good idea, actually. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 31:13
And we can customise I mean, we have a lot of people asking a question like that. And we take one month we make the development and when the development is ready, we show that to them. So I’m, I’m ready to do that for crystal. So if she wants to drop me a line after the colour, I can go a bit further. We could try to do something very specific for them. I have no issues at all.

Unknown Speaker 31:35
Okay, yes, we’ll send you the recording the presentation with Alexandra’s email address and contact details. Remember to register for the blue. Remember this free the networking platform that the and next week we’ll have another showcase in English in Ata Insights, call it this showcase is coming to an end Iceland You want to say some parting words for the audience.

Unknown Speaker 32:04
Thank you for having listened to me and I’m at your disposal. So we are very open minded. So if there is any specific thing you would like to say, give me send me an email and I will call you back.

Unknown Speaker 32:17
Thank you so much. See you very soon. Bye bye

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