SHOWCASE: Webinars in the renewables industry as a tool for marketing, sales & business development

11 December 2019

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Hello Welcome everyone you are in the showcase webinars in their enables industry as a tool for marketing sales and business development. We are not starting quite yet as you know people have had to download the software so we’ll wait a couple of minutes to allow everyone to get in and we will start from the thank

So time to start the Welcome to this showcase a Good morning or good evening depending on where you’re joining us from. A We are from Ata Insights. We are here in Madrid. I’m taking their marketing manager in Insights I’m here with my colleague Manuel is the sales manager in Insights and we are about to explain this is like a meta webinar because will explain the the importance of the webinars as a tool to to get contacts and sales in the last Please, and in the renewal industry, because even if it’s a general tool, you have to know your target audience very well. And that means a difference or any other industry. First of all, I’ll open a presentation here that will help you to follow the instructions or the explanation. And there are like tones of strategies in marketing. Even in b2b marketing, which is the thing we are talking about today, a business to business is quite different than business to customers. We are talking about a marketing from companies to other companies, you need providers, you need partners you need Yeah, the clients itself, but it’s not like a selling t shirts at all. So one The categories that can divide the marketing and in a more useful way as we understand in other insights is push versus pull marketing. The main difference among this too is a Are you trying to force a little bit the your audience to get in touch with you, or are you offering them something that will make them go closer to you. In this terms, the push marketing is like more traditional. That’s not a bad things. I mean, this is not supposed to, to mean that one strategy is better than the other actually are pretty compelling. Sorry. But push marketing is when you are chasing your your target audience for example, with adverts in the roads or banners banners seen a website and you’re telling them to buy your products and that’s it. On the other hand, cool marketing webinars, way too of poor marketing for example, and means that you are throwing something interesting to internet or any other channel but we are working mostly in digital you through something that you think that may be interesting for your target audience. For example, if you’re looking for installers, specifically, you may create, for example, a guy a guide for installers to to be successful at some part of their job. You trust that that target audience is going to find your guide interesting. They will download it is it is it. So webinars are, as I mentioned, pool marketing. And for example you You didn’t


it didn’t see this webinar, advertised on TV. You just found it on social media, you receive an email and you came by yourself. That’s because we are not going to insist on YouTube to come in. But at the moment you decided to register. You gave us information that you have the interest on the session, and at the moment you are attending. You’re like in a second level of interest for this. That’s what it’s called in marketing. They are called Live. Someone who doesn’t know about you is turning into a hot lip. Someone who has interest in your product. I know it’s a very sexy name. This is how marketing is. And the second level is, this is what it’s called the marketing and the sales funnel. It’s just a visual way to show the path of any person in not only in between immediacy is the same as when they are going to buy something. And in b2c, people go very fast from one part to the other one, but in b2b business to business and you’re using you usually make a very big purchase. This means you have to consider a lot of things to make sure you’re doing the right choice. You need a lot of information and and you need to talk a lot with a person who knows what they are doing. For example, salesperson is usually you usually have more knowledge about the product and the industry than in many other cases. And, for example, the awareness phase is when that first of all you have to know about the existence of a product or service. And then the interest. It’s pretty clear of this. These phases. I just mentioned


we have two different kinds of webinars. They’re usually ones. It’s one hour people talk about interesting topics. And that’s it. That covers the first three phases of the funnel, awareness, interest and consideration in this in the showcase which is fragmented so easily. People talk about their product. That’s it. So it Colbert’s also the fourth phase, but in any case, it doesn’t matter if you are a developer, you are a nedc or Ever, all of your clients are going through this funnel, and sometimes faster. That’s what you want to watch it to make it faster, and sometimes as lowly. And what we are trying to do with the webinars is to make sure your efforts both of time of your team working on preparing the session, and everything, it’s worth it. And because you know that the people you are going to explain your service to him is really a potential client. So that’s something that we achieve by creating the sessions. First of all, creating the topic. The topic has to be interesting for the target audience you have in the specific place where you want to sell your service or product and the topic filters a lot, much more More than any other thing. The more specific you go, the better. And that’s why it’s not enough. By hiring a service of webinars or having a platform, you need someone who really understands the industry to select the main topic for the main audience. And that can be achieved, for example, by calling on the phone to the clients you want to reach and asking them, what are you interested in? In other things, as we already know about that because we made many webinars and people talks about if it was interesting or not, but if you’re thinking about doing it by yourself,

you have to ask directly

and to many, many people

so a

as I mentioned, the the webinars

are, are directed to your target audience in I think sites we have renewables, or renewable energy community, you may be part of that. Thank you for that. And if we can use many different channels, the important part is that you’re not reaching only to the same people all the time. So you may want to spread the word through social media, through our community, through your own database to media partners. The important thing is that they register for the session. That means some interest later on, they will qualify by themselves by

attending or not by watching the recording or not

by writing you an email asking for more information or not. That’s why it’s so important the webinars to qualify the people that you’re trying to reach, they will


the process for your salesperson, as it will tell you who is showing more interest who is a hudley and you can start calling there

because it’s doesn’t make any sense

to call someone who doesn’t know anything about you. And it makes a lot of sense to start talking with a person who is more on the point to listen to you,

and who listen to your speech in a webinar and made it some questions.

So it’s quite sure that is relying on the know how the year showing a decision. So to finish it, I was like to say that our webinar is like a good combo, because it allows you to launch products and services directly to the people who are actively searching for them. That’s the topic as I mentioned, if you choose a good topic, you have the right audience to get ahead on the dots or squeamishness that your potential clients may have about your products or service because the How to they can make you questions that you may not have think about. They tell you about your thoughts. By the way, send your questions for us to the q&a box or the chat box will read them out loud. By the end of the session if we have time, enough time, it’s also good to get qualified leads from the market niche in the renewables industry, helping the sales department to save a lot of time unfortunately, I already mentioned and this is very important. Most of the people forget about the brand name but it’s important to strengthen the branding through your you’re all experts in the speakers in the session and it the webinars takes one hour as much So it used very little time from your technicians. And now I lead you with my colleague, Manuel on a piece injuries yourself as well. He will talk about the sales itself.

Hello everyone. My name is Manuel. I’m the sales manager here at 88. And I said I said he said, I’d like to start speaking about the why of webinars. There’s basically four reasons I mentioned the other day I was speaking with a client. And he told me why he should do webinars. And these were the four ideas that I came up that I think are the best way to, to resume this idea of webinars. The first one is thought leadership. Many companies and many speakers, a conferences or webinars, try to describe themselves as authorities on a certain field and experts, webinars are waiting to create content and allow yourself to explain and show the difference expertise that you have to our base of thousands of people that are watching you. Branding is another very important thing about webinars as Sally described. webinars are a great way to get hundreds of people’s to recognize your brand, your services, and your expertise of business. Content Marketing is one of the main strategies being developed. Today by many companies, it’s important to create original content that attracts your target audience engages with them, and allows them to create a bond that follows your content every time. And finally, lead generation is one of the most important parts of webinars. As I said, Today, our program, for example, has thousands of followers and speaking on our webinars is a way to make sure that you obtain the contact information of the people that are interested in your product, what you had to set and that you are able to reach them after. And if you start a business relationship with them. We’re thinking about the who who are the people that are meant to use the webinars as a tool for growing their sales and their marketing. So for example, that I need bc someone who works in engineering procurement and construction of renewable energy projects, is very keen to trying to speak to developers owners investment I independent power producers, anybody that might be a client of his when he tries to provide. So it’s very important for VCs to use webinars subspace to show their successful projects. If you were on NBC that’s working on by Fisher technology and just finished a big project in Middle East, then it’s great to create a webinar where you can show the success of that project, which were the objectives and what did you achieve with that project? manufacturers, anyone that can be a module producer attractor, factor of a battery or any other storage system, anybody that has a product that they produce, either they need epcs or project owners, utilities, investment funds, banks, anybody that needs to know about your product, and that you want to communicate to them webinars are a great tool to bring your product to the webinar and talk about it. consultants are very big part also have a people speaking at the webinars. As you know, there are legal advice was fine Actual advice or any type of advisory that you can provide could be shown in a webinar. It’s great to choose an interesting subject for your target audience, and bring all your expertise to show those people watching you that you might be the right advisor for them. And finally, developers and independent power producers, probably they don’t get anything to sell on in this type of webinars. But it’s very important for them to be known by the local players in the markets that they are trying to open. So if a developer is trying to reach new markets, for example, Latin America, it’s a good way to our webinar about that market and the opportunities that the developer sees for it so that local players might get in connection with them and start a relationship and also government agencies. So if we’re speaking about the our webinars, we currently have two programs ready for anybody who would like to use the freedom program. Our main program it’s been running for the past two years, and currently has over 16,500 active followers. That program usually has a one hour session where we have up to three speakers that will touch different points, I run the webinar, each speaker gets around 10 to 15 minutes to speak, and come come with some slides to present his case study or whatever point is talking on the webinar about We also offer as you can see in this webinar, the q&a box for people to ask questions and for the speakers to get instant feedback from the audience, and also the possibility to do polls so that you can get some sort of

market investigation done through the webinar. At the end of the webinars, we do offer a the participants reports so that they might see what was the level of audience person that the webinar were where the locations from the people that register to watch a webinar, and we also can share that list of female of the companies that were present among the audience leads. As I said, it’s something optional that we offer, depending on your needs, if you’re interested, and you have sales teams that can call these people later or reach them for email, and it’s important that you get your deals and try to do something after the webinar with them. webinars are always recorded. And our idea for launching new technologies, entering new markets, talking about tenders, regulation, anything that is broad and related with renewable energy. Finally, our showcase program. This program consists of 30 minutes Sessions is much shorter, as you’re seeing today. In this demonstration, only we try only to have one speaker at the webinar, but we do offer the q amp a and the polling as well as we did in the RLM program. Performance Reports are you live where you get to see all the analytics from the results of your webinar and you can also get access to Your leads, and the webinars are recorded for you to use that material in any way you’d like after the webinar, these webinars are idea to launch new products, ideally, a manufacturer who is working on a new panel or a new tracker, or anything that you’d like, can use this program to do a 30 minute session of the product with people that are engineers or technicians who are interested in the product


So if we were to break it to resume this and say why, why you should have webinars. And so part of your marketing strategy, I would say webinars are a great tool to have in your marketing plans. First of all, because they are easy to measure, you can measure the impact of your webinar for the analytic reports for the leads that you generate, after the content that you get from the people through the q&a box charts. There’s a lot of feedback. There’s a lot of measures that can be done with webinars to know if your actions were efficient or not. Also, they are a great way to obtain quality leads, these leads are important to develop your business, and therefore webinars are a great tool to obtain them. And finally, I believe webinars I’ve read also to open new markets without going from your office. You don’t need to go to conferences for travel to get in contact with people from different regions and webinar 24 days. And most importantly, it’s a great tool to reduce your carbon footprint. Today when we travel in airplane to our sister conference or an event, there’s a lot of emissions that we are doing webinars up as much lower cost to the carbon footprint compared to events water options. So that’s why we will recommend webinars as your next marketing tool.

Thank you so much. If you have any question for us, this is right time you can use the chat box to send us the questions. I just wanted to From my colleagues presentation, the importance of the report, if you’re throwing many adverts, banners, etc, is is advertisement to a through a lot of media. And it’s important to know if it’s working or not. So the report has like two different two different uses. One of them is to check if it works or not. And the other one is to check who has interest in your product, because maybe you are making a lot of afford to sell your PV panels to the specific people in China. And it turns out that when you make a webinar with us, and if you don’t specify that we have to look for the Chinese only, maybe at the report you’ll find out that most of the people who registered for the your session who attended Your session and who sent you a lot of questions showing interest in your product was located actually in South Africa, or whatever. So if the webinars are useful to a sell your products or services to the target audience, you already know that it’s important to you. But also, if you want to launch a product that you are not that sure, and who it should be targeting to, it helps you a lot with the report with the information that we’re going to send you about what companies are watching you. What companies are sending person to you. Yeah, where are they watching the recording, maybe because it also helps to have the video forever there if you want to show how your product has to be used. And that’s it. I think It’s enough today we learned a lot, but we promise we’ll have another session next month. And we’ll keep you updated about that, in order to let you register for the next session with a different view on the marketing side for renewables. Thank you so much.

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